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Use this API to work with donation keywords.

URL Scheme{phone_number}/donations/{verb}/{DonationID}

Available Verbs

Verb Description
list List all donation keywords associated with this phone number.
get Get a specific donation keyword by its ID.
add Add a new donation keyword.
update Update a donation keyword's settings.
delete Delete a donation keyword.
export Export the donations made using a specific donation keyword.

Donation Object Fields

Field Type (Limit) Required Notes
DonationID Integer N/A Read-Only - A unique identifier for this donation object.
Keyword String Yes Read-Only (After Creation) - A unique keyword for this donation object.
FundName String (50) Yes The name of the fund that the user is donating to. (Will be shown to the user.)
DefaultAmount Number No Default amount of donation if user does not specify. If empty, user will be asked for an amount.
RecurringScheduleID Integer No Default recurring schedule for donation. Possible options:
Null = Ask User
0 = One Time (default)
1 = Weekly
2 = Bi-Weekly
3 = Monthly
CCBFund Integer No For CCB Users: If exporting donations to CCB, a fund number is required. See CCB API for a list of fund numbers.
AmountRequestMessage String (160) No Use this field to specify the message sent to the user when no amount is specified.
ThankYou String (160) No Use this field to specify the “Thank You” message that is sent after a successful donation.
TotalAmountDonated Number N/A Read-Only - Total amount donated using this keyword.
TotalDonations Number N/A Read-Only - Total number of donations using this keyword.
LastDonationTime Integer N/A Read-Only - The last time a donation was made to this keyword (UNIX timestamp).
NumberOfDonors Integer N/A Read-Only - The number of unique peope who have donated using this keyword.

Error Codes

Error Code Endpoint Description Notes
1000-1099 API Core (Multiple) See API Error Codes
1100-1199 Keywords (Multiple) See API Error Codes
1200 Donations No Donation object specified. A donation id is required for this request (i.e. /api/v1/+12225551212/donations/get/100)
1201 Donations Donation object does not exist. The donation ID or Keyword you specified doesn’t exist, or belongs to a different phone number.
1202 Donations No fund name specified. A FundName is required for each donation object. It cannot be blank.
1203 Donations Invalid default recurring schedule. Possible options:
0 (one-time), 1 (weekly), 2 (biweekly), 3 (monthly), null (ask user)