Message Log

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Use this endpoint to retrieve previously sent or received messages. This is a read-only endpoint.

URL Scheme{phone_number}/messageLog/{verb}

Available Verbs

Verb Description
list Retrieve a list of incoming/outgoing messages.

Message Log Object Fields

Field Type Notes
LogID Integer A unique identifier for this message.
Direction String "I" if the message is incoming (received from the remote phone) or "O" if the message is outgoing (sent to the remote phone).
PhoneNumber String The phone number of the person who sent/received the message in international format.
FirstName String The first name of the person who sent/received the message.
LastName String The last name of the person who sent/received the message.
Timestamp UNIX Timestamp (Integer) The time when the message was sent/received.
URLClickTimestamp UNIX Timestamp (Integer) If the message contained a MojoTxt-provided URL, this field shows when it was clicked. (Unclicked URLs will have a NULL value.)
Body String The contents of the message body.
DeliveryStatus String The status of a sent message.

Will be one of the following:
  • queued - The message is waiting in the outbound delivery queue and will be released to our carrier according to your message campaign limits.
  • transmitted - The message has been sent to our carrier partner and is awaiting delivery to the destination carrier.
  • sent - The message has been sent to the destination carrier.
  • failed - The message could not be sent due to an error.
  • delivered - MojotTxt has received a successful delivery receipt from the destination carrier.
  • undelivered - The destination carrier reported that they did not deliver the message.
ErrorMessage String If the message is in "failed" or "undelivered" status, this field contains a human-readable description of the error (if the carrier provided one).
Credits Integer The number of MojoTxt credits used to send/receive this message.
Type String Either "SMS" or "MMS".
Media String If message is an MMS, a URL to the message's media attachment.

Verb: List

Return a list of messages from the Message Log.{phone_number}/messageLog/list


Parameters can be sent in the URL querystring.

Parameter Options Description
Sort LogID, Timestamp Sort the list by a field.
SortDirection ASC, DESC Sort Ascending or Descending
StartTime UNIX Timestamp (Integer) Show messages newer than this timestamp.
EndTime UNIX Timestamp (Integer) Show messages older than this timestamp. (Can be used in conjunction with StartTime to specify a range.)
MessageID Integer Show logs for a particular Subscription List message. (Useful to retrieve the delivery information or link click status for a particular outgoing message.)
Direction String (either "O" or "I") Show only Incoming or Outgoing messages. (By default, both are shown.)
Limit Integer (1-500), Default: 100 The maximum number of records to list per page.
Page Integer The page of records to return.

Example Request:

The following request would show all incoming messages received after 12:16 PM (EDT) on 3/5/2023...


Example Result:

"result": "success",
"timestamp": 1680716059,
"request": {
"phone": "+16147052760",
"object": "messageLog",
"verb": "list",
"StartTime": "1678036608",
"Direction": "I"
"record_count": 3,
"records": [
"LogID": 1911307,
"Direction": "I",
"PhoneNumber": "+15558843215",
"FirstName": null,
"LastName": null,
"Timestamp": 1679528862,
"URLClickTimestamp": null,
"Body": "help",
"DeliveryStatus": null,
"ErrorMessage": null,
"Credits": 0,
"Type": "SMS",
"Media": null
"LogID": 1911305,
"Direction": "I",
"PhoneNumber": "+15554421154",
"FirstName": "John",
"LastName": "Johnson",
"Timestamp": 1679528847,
"URLClickTimestamp": null,
"Body": "This is an coming message.",
"DeliveryStatus": null,
"ErrorMessage": null,
"Credits": 0,
"Type": "SMS",
"Media": null
"LogID": 1911303,
"Direction": "I",
"PhoneNumber": "+15553351531",
"FirstName": "Joe",
"LastName": "Hohman",
"Timestamp": 1679528824,
"URLClickTimestamp": null,
"Body": "A family photo :)",
"DeliveryStatus": null,
"ErrorMessage": null,
"Credits": 1,
"Type": "MMS",
"Media": ""