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Use this API to work with subscription lists.

URL Scheme{phone_number}/lists/{verb}/{DonationID}

Available Verbs

Verb Description
list List all subscription lists associated with this phone number.
get Get a specific list by its ID.
add Add a new subscription list.
update Update a subscription list's settings.
delete Delete a subscription list.

Subscription List Object Fields

Field Type (Limit) Required Notes
ListID Integer N/A Read-Only - A unique identifier for this subscription list.
Keyword String Yes Read-Only (After Creation) - A unique keyword for this subscription list.
ListName String (50) Yes The descriptive name of the subscription list. (May be shown to the user.)
WelcomeMessage String (160) No The message sent to the user upon joining the list. It should contain instructions on how to unsubscribe. If left empty, a default message will be generated using the ListName and Keyword.
SendLastMessage Integer No Send the subscriber the last sent message upon joining the list.
0 = No (Default)
1 = Yes
SubscriberCount Integer N/A Read-Only - The number of subscribers to this list.

Error Codes

Error Code Endpoint Description Notes
1000-1099 API Core (Multiple) See API Error Codes
1100-1199 Keywords (Multiple) See API Error Codes
1300 Lists No List object specified. A list id is required for this request (i.e. /api/v1/+12225551212/lists/get/100)
1301 Lists List object does not exist. The list ID or Keyword you specified doesn’t exist, or belongs to a different phone number.
1302 Lists No ListName specified. A ListName is required for each list object. It cannot be blank.